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Field Gun Running

June 12, 2009

TOTD had the opportunity to see the Navy’s field gun competition once again last weekend.  Still one of the most astonisghingly tough team sports going despite the slight variant that’s now run in place of the old style race.

In originates as a commemoration of the relief of Ladysmith in the Boer War in 1899 and this page has information on the old style race:

The last of the ‘old style’ was run in 1999 and you can see a thrilling video of it here:

Apparently Wellington School still run that way you can find photos and a link to videos of the three parts of the run here:  (if you only watch one ‘run’ watch the run out as they get the field gun across a 28 foot chasm).

Details of the curent Brickwoods Trophy version can be seen here amongst other places:
where you can see the competition has been widened to include more than just navy teams now.

Further info can be found here:

And congratulations to HM Naval Base Portsmouth on their well-deserved victory over 21 other teams last Saturday.