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Groundhog Day

February 2, 2009

Today in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and in other locations accross America is Groundhog Day where their resident groundhog, known as Punxsutawney Phil, will predict how long to go before the Spring. So if you’re wondering how long it’ll be until you can turn the heating down have a look at this:

And here’s a video with Phil in action:

Groundhog Day also coincides with the Christain Festival of Candlemas and the Pagan festival of Imbolc. Here’s some information from the BBC about them:


Snow and Ice… Sculptures

February 1, 2009

According to the chaps at the Met Office, we’re going to get some snow this weekend…

As with snow, so with ice – and if we get enough of┬áthe stuff, who knows? We could all get out our chisels and replicate some of the stunning ice sculptures below.