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Advice to Sink in Slowly

January 27, 2012

Advice to Sink in Slowly is a great project that showcases graduate designed posters for the purpose of passing on advice to first year students. These posters offer some great words of wisdom that all freshers will find useful and the posters are both quirky and beautifully designed. Advice such as ‘Use your library… You’ll miss it when you leave” and “Debt is not your friend” will certainly make your time at university a lot easier!

First year students can also take advantage of their free poster offer!


Whipple Museum of the History of Science

September 15, 2010

TOTD was at a conference in Cambridge last week and visited the amazing Whipple Museum of the History of Science. The collection contains examples of scientific instruments relating to astronomy, navigation, surveying, drawing and calculating, including some magnificent globes and sundials. There were drawers full of pocket calculators and it was entertaining for everyone to spot their first calculator. This site is an excellent introduction to the collection and also contains a number of amusements, including a human body jigsaw and a simulation of early and modern microscopes.


June 23, 2009

Last week we had a training day at the library where we learned about and tried out various e-learning websites and facilities. Here are a few we looked at:

GCSE Bitesize ( is a very useful site for exam revision with key points, videos and tests.

Intute ( is a search facility where anyone can easily search for web resources and sites. Another good thing about it is it’s free!

Open Learning ( is an initiative from the Open University where users can use some of their course materials free of charge.

The day was very successful and interesting in how the Internet can be used in education at various levels.

Cows About That Then?

February 5, 2009

Scientists at the University of Newcastle have discovered higher milk production in cows who are treated as individuals and given their own names:

Hopefully many more farmers will moove to adopt this way of working and  milk the rewards that follow.

Also, here at the University of Portsmouth, the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies Study School has been in full swing this week so here’s a little something from the National Archives on the history of Crime and Punishment:

What Uni?

December 11, 2007

Here’s a site which lets you ‘review’ your university.  There are various categories – some less serious than others.

UoP gets an overall rating of 95% from 41 reviews and the Library comes out of it very well with lots of positive comments.  Many thanks to those who took the trouble to mention the facilities.