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Three little pigs advert

April 21, 2012

In a TOTD extra, we could helping thinking this is a brilliant advert:

While it’s not TOTD’s place to endorse the Guardian in any way, we do wholeheartedly support the message of the advert – to get the ‘whole picture’.  Whether it’s jumping on some social media bandwagon before the facts are in, or fully utilising the Library’s resources so your assignment or dissertation can be as complete as possible, it’s important in all walks of life.

If you enjoyed that, you might then be interested in some of the behinds the scenes pictuers here:



Les Trois Petits Cochon do Gaga

July 19, 2011

In June of last year we reported on librarians doing Lady Gaga (  Now it’s the turn of the three little pigs!

You might even learn some French watching this!

Thanks to S for finding it.