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Stellar View

March 29, 2012

This is a wonderful timelapse video from the International Space Station of stars in low orbit. Sit back and enjoy a stunningly beautiful ride around our planet!

Satellite re-entry

September 23, 2011

Parts of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), deployed from the Space Shuttle in 1991, are expected to come crashing to Earth this evening. Quite where the bits will land isn’t known. James Naughtie onBBC Radio 4’s Today wanted to know if there was any way people could find out where it might come down, such as “over the Pacific or over Godalming”. Hopefully that didn’t panic the people of Godalming too much!

You can read about the UAR Satellite  here

In 2008 the European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle “Jules Verne” re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video that shows the fiery re-entry as viewed by scientists from a couple of NASA aircraft.

NASA on the Commons

August 8, 2011

We’ve previously featured NASA’s wonderful image archive here on TOTD. Now NASA has joined Flicker’s ‘The Commons’ scheme where institutions share photographs with no copyright restrictions. There are some wonderful images on here and they are all available for use in the public domain.

2010 TK7

August 4, 2011

It was recently discovered that there is an asteroid that shares an orbit with Earth. Here is some information plus a short piece of animation about it:

Yuri Gagarin

April 12, 2011

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s journey into space. For 108 minutes, Gagarin was the first human to complete an orbit of the Earth and return. Here’s something from the BBC with links and clips:

Milky Way Project

December 8, 2010

Yesterday saw the launch of the new Zooniverse site – The Milkway Project. This time you are invited to identify bubbles, star clusters, galaxies and ghostly red ‘fuzzy’ objects within the infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope imagery.


September 13, 2010

There are a number of places on the web where you can visually compare things like the size of the Gulf oil spill with some other place on the Earth. However, this is by far the best such site that TOTD has seen. It’s so useful too. After all, how else might one know that, following the removal of a few trees and the odd building, there’s just enough space on the grass outside our library to lauch a Spitfire.

[Thanks to LJ for this suggestion]

Photos from Space

August 26, 2010

Here is a site that was recommended to Thing of the Day with a range of photographs from Space from NASA:

Thanks to LJ for suggesting.


April 12, 2010

What will Mars be like in 2020 – here is one possibility!

How many Mars mission can you spot?

(Thanks for C for this suggestion)


March 31, 2010

This is quite an effective way of depicting the relative orbital periods of the planets as they circle around the sun. As a bonus, each planet makes a musical note when it completes its orbit. If nothing else, it illustrates just how long it takes the outer planets to orbit the sun (248 Earth years, in the case of Pluto).