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Social Networking

December 4, 2012

Today we’re hosting librarians from around the country and talking about engaging with students.  TOTD are on stage looking at social networking, so we thought it would be a good moment to rehearse the places you can find us and why you might want to:


The Library’s Facebook page keep you up-to-date, offers links to help, and even answers enquiries.  If you’re on Facebook, try liking us!


Our Google+ stream is a way of keeping up with the Library happenings.    Use it for up-to-the minute news, to catch our mini-competitions, or even to ask enquiries.  Join our circles!


Collections of photos – some to do with the Library, some that are fun from around the web.  See what we’re up or see what we’re interested in!


The Library’s Twitter feed is a great way of keeping up with goings-on via Twitter.  Use it for up-to-the minute news, to catch our mini-competitions, or even to ask enquiries.  Follow us!


Introductory and ‘how to’ videos to give you a taste of the Library.

and of course the one you already know about!

Thing of the Day

This is a blog rounding up bizarre, interesting and sometimes even useful things we find on the internet.  Send in a contribution via


Museum of Me

September 8, 2011

TOTD loves Intel’s Museum of Me. It connects with your Facebook page to create a three minute animation of you social life displayed as a Museum display. It uses all the visual content from you Facebook page such as photos, video’s and profile pics and what it creates is really visually stunning. Give it a try and prepare to be impressed!

Top 140 Twitter influencers

May 28, 2010

Following on from last week’s posts about Twitter, the Information Architects have produced a big bang visualisation that shows the 140 most influential people on Twitter. It shows statistics such as when they started tweeting, what they first said and follower volume.

You can view the full pdf version here:

Twitter ruined my life

May 20, 2010

Letting your social networking get out of control?

Or here are various numbers of signs of Twitter addiction:

Or work out when you tweet most in this rather fascinating mashup:

Right to link

April 30, 2010

TOTD attended an event on eCopyright for libraries and archives this week and heard a very interesting presentation from Struan Bartlett, Managing Director and Chairman on NewsNow and the Right2Link Campaign. The focus was on the right to link to newspaper content, but there was a more general message about protecting the right to follow and share links to any publicly available web site. You can learn more about the Right2Link campaign here:

TOTD is Laughing at What Some People put on their FaceBook Pages

September 14, 2009

With all this Web 2.0 business where people can communicate with friends, colleagues and even complete strangers, it can be very easy to bare one’s soul to the world. However, revealing a bit too much can have serious repercussions and many people can be left with either egg on their faces or having the book thrown at them. Or both. The BBC have written an article about the perils of anti-social networking:

TOTD does not recommend you try and copy any of these and takes no responsibility whatsoever for any future career problems you may have if you do!

And can anyone please explain why it’s Web 2.0 and not just Web 2? Does the .0 actually mean anything?

Flat Friends?

February 13, 2008