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Library cat assistant

September 30, 2013

There’s no shortage of cats on the internet (do they have a catnet where they spend all day looking at pictures of humans?), but we were particularly taken with this one that has been made an “Assistant Librarian” in a Russian Library:

At the risk of being deluged by such things, let us know if you know of others.

Kiitos (thank you) to A for finding this for us.


Fairytales and IP

May 6, 2011

“The Fairytale Map of Russia is a project aimed at collecting information about interesting sites, culture events and extraordinary museums devoted to fairytale characters representing this country‚Äôs diverse folklore traditions”.

It seems, as reported in The Telegraph, that aUkrainian organisation is now arguing that some of these Russian fairytale characters are actually Ukranian, which raises issues about the intellectual property rights of folklore heritage.

Russia in colour (100 years ago)

September 29, 2010

Some fascinating and beautiful photographs here in case the animated artwork of yesterday wasn’t quite to your taste:

Thanks to L for sending this in.