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Happy Birthday TOTD

October 8, 2008

We’re a year old today.  Trust you’ve been enjoying the last 245 postings.

Here are some highlights(?) from the past year:

October 2007 and a blog from Stephen Fry:

November saw our posting which has received the largest number of hits (over 4000):

December and a site that’s still really useful:

January had us delving into a scary world of Scrabble with the ‘short story’ _Craziest_:

February saw the still quite moving video about world creation in Second Life:

March and an Information Literacy favourite still going strong:

April saw the limited range of movement the Apollo 11 crew made after travelling so far:

No round up of the year would be complete with a mention of the biggest item in our tag cloud: Lego.  May saw three entries:

June had some retro computing:  

July quite wore us out following Rob Piatt (you can now download his whole blog in chronological order as a PDF file if you want to revisit his quest for an anecdote).

August had us bookmooching:


Finally, there’d be trouble at t’mill if this wasn’t picked from September:

Here’s to another year of TOTD – recently okayed by the powers that be to continue – we hope you all have a great year as well.


rode to the top

July 28, 2008

A couple of weeks ago TOTD mentioned a guy cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  Apparently he made it last Friday after 13 days.  Well done that lunatic.  We’re still green with envy.  And his quest for an anecdote was a great success too.

Of course it’s still possible to donate to his charity and he’s past the £1000 mark now.  Still looks a bit uphill to his target but we’ll bet he’s glad the pedalwork is behind him.