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Red Nose Day

March 18, 2011

Today is Red Nose Day. Here’s the BBC Website with details on what’s on tonight and, of course, how to donate:

Also, this week is National Science and Engineering Week. Here’s what the University’s been doing for it:,127475,en.html

Time for some Comic Relief!

March 13, 2009

In schools, office’s and workplaces throughout the country people have been getting up to all kinds of bizarre challenges. Why? Because today is Red Nose Day and this year Comic Relief are asking everyone to ‘do something funny for money’!

Comic Relief supports projects both in Developing Countries and here in Britain. The money you raise can really transform peoples lives.

For example, just £25 could pay for a hot, nutritious lunch for over 600 children living in extreme poverty in Zambia.

So why not sit in a bath of beans, see how many creme eggs you can eat in a minute or go to work in your pyjamas. The whole idea is to have fun.

And don’t forget to tune into the live show this evening – where celebrities will be making fools of themselves in an effort to part us from our cash. I’ll definitely be watching – the first hour is being presented by David Tennant!

Spot the Difference… Mark 2

March 1, 2009

 You might spot a common theme emerging here. No, NOT men in drag, although actually…

The common theme is: Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, which this week saw Paddy McGuinness and Keith Lemon giving a brilliant performance as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, dancing to “I’ve had the time of my life” from the movie Dirty Dancing.

For those of you who get out more than I obviously do, and who might’ve missed it – here it is, along with the original. Once again, see if you can spot the difference…

Here’s Patrick and Jennifer

and here’s Paddy and Keith


Spot the Difference…

February 22, 2009

For those of you who didn’t see “Let’s Dance for Comic Relief” last night, you missed the treat of seeing Robert Webb doing his interpretation of Jennifer Beals dancing to “What a Feeling”  from the movie Flashdance. It was an inspired performance(!) and for your amusement it appears on TOTD along with the original performance. See if you can spot the diffeence.

Here’s Jennifer’s

and here’s Rob’s