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City Symphonies

July 3, 2012

TOTD likes this front page to the Royal College of Art’s Design Interaction Show 2012.

Click on Mark McKeague to view City Symphonies. The designer has considered the synthesised sounds produced by electric cars and exlores an alternative approach in which the “sound that the cars generate changes according to its relationship to other road users and the environment”.

John Peel’s Record Collection

May 31, 2012

The late John Peel was a respected DJ and was known for his vast collection of vinyl records. You can now explore his record collection here

The website is beautifully designed and makes it a joy to get lost browsing through the record sleeves. You’ll certainly find many bands that you’ve never heard of!

British Library Sounds

April 13, 2012

Explore the British Library’s extensive collection of recorded sounds, including music, oral history, wildlfe and dialects.


Emotional Bag Check

December 16, 2011

Feeling stressed by Christmas and need to get something off your chest? Offload your problem here and maybe someone will suggest an appropriate song title that will help you along.


Freddie Mercury, 1946 – 1991

November 24, 2011

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury. In a career of twenty years, Freddie Mercury was one quarter of the groundbreaking rock band, Queen and was arguably one of the greatest showmen in music with one of the most distinctive and unique singing voices ever heard.

Now, as much as we at Thing of the Day would like to play Queen’s music at full blast, we probably wouldn’t be too popular with other people in the Library trying to work! Anyway, here is Queen’s website with information on Freddie Mercury and the other members:

The Oramics Machine

April 7, 2011

It was reported recently that a machine created by the founder of the BBC Radiophonics Workshop has been acquired by the Science Museum in London. The device, invented by Daphne Oram, created sounds that were dependent on waveforms hand-painted on 35mm film.

You can view a short documentary about the machine here

Forest xylophone

April 6, 2011

This promotional video for a Japanese mobile phone features an enormously long, sloping xylophone, down which rolls a small wooden ball. As it does so the sound of Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring rings out through the forest. What better way to unwind for a few minutes at the end of a busy working day?


February 10, 2011

TOTD hasn’t had time to experiment with this much yet, but Audiotool looks like an interesting Flash-based music production tool. You can select from a range of devices, their graphic representations being based on real-world drum machines and synths, for example. You link your components together with virtual cables and route them through mixers and effects processors.

Carol of the Chins

December 7, 2010

News of this site was doing the rounds here in the Library last week and TOTD thought you might enjoy it too.

Let them sing it for you

November 1, 2010

TOTD can’t quite believe we’ve not covered this before… but apparently not:

This rather cleverly takes any text you type in and pieces together sung versions of each word (or word fragment or phrase).  While the results might stretch the definition of ‘singing’ it’s certainly an interesting tour de force and great fun trying to spot the source if your musical knowledge is wide enough.