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Treasures of Heaven

July 5, 2011

A new major exhibition has opened at the British Museum in the last few days. Treasures of Heaven explores sacred objects and relics from the Medieval Period in Europe.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

October 22, 2010

Today marks the conclusion of the series from the BBC and the British Museum to chart the history of mankind using one hundred objects from the collections of the British Museum. This fascinating documentary has used objects from civilisations all over the world. Today we find out which is object Number 100:

The Wayback Machine

May 15, 2009

Shockingly TOTD hasn’t covered The Wayback Machine before – an archive of the internet as it was.  Remind yourself what your web pages used to look like.  Revel in the past.

It’s grown more recently and now includes video and audio files for, well, video and audio philes.

National Maritime Museum Picture Library

April 2, 2009

Interested in Maritime History? Enjoy looking at artwork from that time? Then take a look at the National Maritime Museum’s Picture Library. Their collections are now on-line to browse:





Today is… Sword Swallower’s Awareness Day!

February 28, 2009

On February 28th, Sword Swallowers around the world will observe International Sword Swallower’s Day by doing what they do best – swallowing swords!

At 2.28pm Sword Swallowers around the world will attempt to swallow over 480 inches of steel swords at Ripley’s Believe It of Not! museums worldwide. That’s over 40 feet of solid steel. For more information – and a video of a man swallowing a sword- see below.

Going bananas

February 24, 2009

This week is the start of Fairtrade Fortnight. You can get involved by taking part in  “the world’s biggest banana event”.

If you want the “latest news, information and opinions about Bananas”, check out the Blog at TOTD was fascinated to learn from this blog about the world’s largest banana museum, which rather implies that there must be at least one other, smaller banana museum! Find out more about the museum at the International Banana Club:

Since 24th February is also Shrove Tuesday, perhaps you could also indulge in a few banana pancakes (Fairtrade, of course).

Museum of Laziness

February 14, 2008

TOTD has been slacking off: reports on a museum which has opened and closed already.  Still, for everyone who houses their own personal museum of laziness, it was no doubt a nice tribute.