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Scott’s last expedition

June 7, 2012

Further to January’s item about Scott of the Antarctic, Library staff today enjoyed an interesting talk about Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole. By coincidence, this comes the day after the anniversary of his birth on 6th June 1868.

Apparently the Scott’s Last Expedition at the Natural History Museum is excellent and well worth a look.

You may also be interested in The Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute, which includes two rather fine domed ceilings incorporating  representations of the Artic and Antarctic that were painted by Macdonald Gill in 1934.


The Scream

May 7, 2012

It was on this day in 1994 that Edvard Munch’s masterpiece The Scream was recovered after having being stolen three months earlier from the National Gallery in Oslo. Last week a pastel version of the work became the most expensive artwork to be sold at auction, fetching an astonishing £74m.

You can learn more about the artist and his work here at the Munch Museum in Oslo.

The Chip Museum

October 20, 2011

Our Staff Social Club is organising a trip to the Bruges Christmas Market next month and it was pointed out to TOTD that Bruges is home to the Friet Museum.

There are links to two other intriguing museums for those interested in either chocolate or lamps.

[Thanks to PT for this suggestion]


June 2, 2011

Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the launch of Titanic from the Harland & Wolff yard in Belfast. We’ve covered the Titanic before, but there’s more here from the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum’s Titanic exhibition.

Whipple Museum of the History of Science

September 15, 2010

TOTD was at a conference in Cambridge last week and visited the amazing Whipple Museum of the History of Science. The collection contains examples of scientific instruments relating to astronomy, navigation, surveying, drawing and calculating, including some magnificent globes and sundials. There were drawers full of pocket calculators and it was entertaining for everyone to spot their first calculator. This site is an excellent introduction to the collection and also contains a number of amusements, including a human body jigsaw and a simulation of early and modern microscopes.

Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens!

February 7, 2009

Today is Charles Dickens’ birthday, and to celebrate the life of such a great writer and humanitarian, why not take the time to immerse yourself in some – or all – of his written works?

You can also visit his birthplace which will be making a rare winter opening today to celebrate the great man’s birthday: –

Or, weather permitting, you could even go on a guided walk of the area.

And for the most devoted of fans out there, you can now buy a Charles Dickens action figure, complete with removable top hat and quill!