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Become a Mindmeister!

March 12, 2009

Here in the library we’ve been mapping our minds. Turns out there is more going on in my mind then I thought and getting it all out on paper and creating some order from the chaos has been a surprising enlightening experience.

 Of course you can mind map with just felt tip pens and paper but if you’d like a slightly more high tech approach or if you’d like to construct a collaborative mind map online then check out Mindmeister.

Their basic account is free and allows you to have up to 6 mind maps at a time.  This mind mapping software is simple but very intuitive and being able to work collaborate with others is a real bonus.

So why not bring some order to your mind!


Time Management Tips… and Mind Maps

February 15, 2009

If I’d had the TIME, this post for TOTD might have been published at 10.00 am this morning…

When it comes to time management, we all fall down occasionally so here are a few tips to help keep you on track:

And if these don’t work, how about this handy mind map that will help you navigate your way through the potential pitfalls of your day.

Rich Pictures

November 29, 2007

Not quite mindmaps, but an attractive way of presenting information, rich pictures are described as helping to identify players in a process as a start to high level analysis.

The second ‘rich picture’ on the page is one presented by Gilly Salmon at a recent lunchtime workshop on ‘Learning Futures’ which seemed to capture people’s imaginations at both the content level and the ‘art’ level.

Mountains… mind map

November 16, 2007

Not everyone responds to the graphical nature of mindmaps, but for those who do this is an attractive example.  And shows that it’s not just libraries who have mountains of information that is ‘buried’ and ‘underutilised’.