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library marketing

December 10, 2012

New on TOTD’s desk this morning is a book:  ‘The Library Marketing Toolkit’ by Ned Potter (you can find him on Twitter as @therealwikiman ).

We’ve written a review to appear elsewhere, but in short this is a hugely practical and useful book that anyone involved in promoting a library should take a look at.  From strategy to social networking, from branding to advocacy.

And in that latter comes the relevance to us all.  Not only should all Library staff be involved in promoting both their own facilities and libraries in general, but increasingly all of us need to be promoting ourselves.

If you’re in employment are you ensuring your bosses are aware of your worth?  Are those you manage aware of how they fit into the greater scheme of things?  Are you selling yourself adequately to the wider institution or external connections?

If you’re a student, are you ‘promoting’ yourself to academics marking your work (perhaps by good references so they see the depth and breadth of your research) or to future employees by getting involved in professional development opportunities even before you’re formally part of the profession?

And so on…

Escape the map

April 10, 2012

Actually a slick piece of advertising for a major manufacturer of motor cars, this remarkable immersive and interactive site takes its inspiration from Google Street View.


responding to social media

November 12, 2011

Not every comment on social media needs to be responded to.

How you respond can be as important as responding at all.

Here’s a decision tree to help:

from: (there’s also a PDF version)

and some further commentary from:


Story Book England

January 10, 2011

This nice site was produced by the team at Enjoy England and features an interactive map that allows you to explore some of the places associated with works of children’s fiction. You can locate books by title or author and it comes with a downloadable teacher’s pack.

What they know

September 17, 2010

When you visit a popular website, that visit may trigger hundreds of tracker files that are used by other companies to track what you are doing across the web. This nice visualisation from the Wall Street Journal clearly shows the extent to which you are more or less exposed to such tracking on a variety of sites.

[Thanks again to LJ for this suggestion]

Extreem Sheep LED Art

March 27, 2009

What do you get if you wrap some gregarious woolly ruminants in blankets of light emitting diodes? Well Samsung teamed up with digital media and marketing company The Viral Factory to produce this excellent video that currently tops several viral video charts.

How to Make the Perfect Pitch to Agents

March 8, 2009

What with it being World Book Day on 5th March, TOTD thought it would be highly appropriate to include a post about how YOU could get your book published…

The following three video links are interviews with top Literary Agent Simon Trewin, from United Agents. He is talking to Julia McCutchen, a writers’ coach and publishing consultant,  about how to make the perfect pitch to agents… and the all elusive what they are looking for…