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More than words

December 19, 2007

And continuing on a theme for this week, it would be remiss not to mention:

(the video is the top link to suite of University tours including the Library’s ‘More Than Words’).

This started life as something that was going to be a narrated PowerPoint and morphed into something entirely different as you can see!


or perhaps…

December 18, 2007

… this offering from De Montfort University is more your cup of tea:

Quite approachable, if somewhat loosely structured.  Is it too long?

(Alternatively and presumably not endorsed by the library try this much much shorter piece tagged ‘contemporary entertainment’ from the library entrance:    – WARNING: potentially offensive title screen).

Library tours for those who don’t like library tours

December 17, 2007

Quirky, funny, surreal or just plain odd?

Is this how you’d like a tour of the University Library on YouTube to look?

Comments please!