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Google as white bread

January 24, 2008

TimesOnline has kicked off a debate about the role of the internet in academia:

It seems to be a constant issue in these here parts.  Let us know what you think.

Web of lies?

December 13, 2007

The web is great for looking for one thing and finding something (of interest) completely different.  Here’s one such that was written a year or two back and isn’t quite the ‘quick fix’ that previous TOTD entries might have been.  But it rewards the reader with a fascinating look at how web search might develop as the web grows, how software tools can overcome the inaccuracies found on the web, and how it might even be possible to develop something like a calculator for history students!

21 things you should know about the internet

October 24, 2007

You probably don’t need to *know* all these things, but being aware of them is certainly useful.

Although this is a couple of years old now, it’s still worth a look.  If anyone can find an update for the couple of questions that have aged, do shout.