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Three little pigs advert

April 21, 2012

In a TOTD extra, we could helping thinking this is a brilliant advert:

While it’s not TOTD’s place to endorse the Guardian in any way, we do wholeheartedly support the message of the advert – to get the ‘whole picture’.  Whether it’s jumping on some social media bandwagon before the facts are in, or fully utilising the Library’s resources so your assignment or dissertation can be as complete as possible, it’s important in all walks of life.

If you enjoyed that, you might then be interested in some of the behinds the scenes pictuers here:


Et Plagieringseventyr

June 11, 2010

(For those whose Norwegian isn’t up to it: A Plagiarism Adventure)

There seems to be have a minor rush of videos being circulated recently.  Here’s another well produced one that might tempt you to take a look at the University of Bergen:

Librarians do Gaga

June 10, 2010

Beware of this catchy tune which can get into your head all too easily:

Internet Detective

October 16, 2009

Are you interested in using the Internet effectively for studying?

Well now you can with Internet Detective:

Working through the scenarios, you can learn how to find good information, how to evaluate it and to make sure it is legal.

National Information Literacy Awareness Month

October 9, 2009

Barack Obama has declared October 2009 to be National Information Literacy Awareness Month. You can read his press release here:

Starting University This Year?

September 17, 2009

Congratulations to all those who have got a place at University. We look forward to meeting this year’s intake.

Here’s a link from the BBC Website about Student Finance and how to manage your money:

One tip we would give is to renew or return your books on time so you don’t get fined!


January 16, 2009

Receiving something of a ‘soft launch’ is the Library’s newest suite of tools to help you navigate your way through the information landscape.  It’s called findit@portsmouth and you can see it here:

There’s help for finding things on a reading list, finding articles in journals and tips on further exploration of the ‘information landscape’.  Plus more to come.  Let us know what you think.

search strategy

October 27, 2008

OK, it’s not as exciting as a YouTube video, it’s not as funny as _Dinner for One_, it’s not as helpful as Snopes et al, and it’s certainly not as weird as Hats of Meat (how did we miss that out in our round up of the year?!), but judging from the number of students asking for help on this and related subjects, perhaps this would be of use:

Happy Birthday TOTD

October 8, 2008

We’re a year old today.  Trust you’ve been enjoying the last 245 postings.

Here are some highlights(?) from the past year:

October 2007 and a blog from Stephen Fry:

November saw our posting which has received the largest number of hits (over 4000):

December and a site that’s still really useful:

January had us delving into a scary world of Scrabble with the ‘short story’ _Craziest_:

February saw the still quite moving video about world creation in Second Life:

March and an Information Literacy favourite still going strong:

April saw the limited range of movement the Apollo 11 crew made after travelling so far:

No round up of the year would be complete with a mention of the biggest item in our tag cloud: Lego.  May saw three entries:

June had some retro computing:  

July quite wore us out following Rob Piatt (you can now download his whole blog in chronological order as a PDF file if you want to revisit his quest for an anecdote).

August had us bookmooching:


Finally, there’d be trouble at t’mill if this wasn’t picked from September:

Here’s to another year of TOTD – recently okayed by the powers that be to continue – we hope you all have a great year as well.


Information Literacy nuggets

March 11, 2008

For those who didn’t spot what yesterday’s TOTD was about, it was one of the items mentioned by the webevaluation tutorial here: