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Lego Infographic

March 27, 2012

Here at TOTD there are two things we’re rather fond of –  LEGO and infographics. So a big thank you to LJ for finding us an infographic about LEGO! This infographic tells you a bit about a LEGO’s history but most interestingly about how LEGO is used in education.

Other interesting facts included the claim that LEGO could be considered the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world. It produces 306 million tyres a year, although they are tiny!

NASA’s budget

January 11, 2012

The rise and fall of NASA’s budget is shown in this infographic:

which also manages to take on the shape of something from the future and a Star Trek vessel of some sort.

Don’t forget, of course, that if you want to see where US tax dollars are actually going, there’s lots of great images and information at the NASA website:

The Evolution of the Web

December 2, 2011

The Evolution of the Web  presents an animated info graphic that delves deep into the evolution of technologies that made the internet.

1000 addenda

October 22, 2011

OK, we’ve had complaints already that we didn’t includ ‘Hats of Meat’ our most controversial post right back in the early days that nearly had the blog shut down!  Of course, since then Lady Gaga has made us look quite prescient.  But here’s the post:

And some sharp eyed person has noticed that yesterday we had a representative post from every year of existence *except* 2010.  (Do you people not have lives?)

Just to show that we weren’t having an off year, here are three favourites from 2010:

Twitter Typos

Chart Porn

50 Strange Buildings of the World

and keen as ever not to let it be forgotten: The Zargonic Effect

July 18, 2011

The infographic we posted on Friday is a good example of ‘data visualization’ that seems to be all the rage.  There are some great examples at:

They’re not quite ready to go yet with their aim to help you create infographics, but you can already try out:

which lets you create a visual of your Twitter presence.  Or even more fun, compare two Twitter accounts in a Faceoff!

more infographics

March 30, 2011

After last Thursday’s Twitter and Facebook infographics, TOTD has been on the hunt for data relating to Twitter age usage and found these rather delightful examples of visual presentations of information:

both of which are pointed to by this: which has its own graphic as well.

Twitter and Facebook infographics

March 24, 2011

TOTD was recently involved with a ‘Cafe Scientifique’ on the subject of communication via social networking services.

For the session we created these infographics which may be of interest.

infographic with March 2011 statistics on Facebook

Infographic with March 2011 statistics on Facebook

infographic with March 2011 statistics on Twitter

Infographic with March 2011 statistics on Twitter