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Persian rug patterns using Google Maps

May 30, 2013

Aerial photo images extracted from Google Maps have been pieced together to form images that look like complex Persian rug patterns.

Social Networking

December 4, 2012

Today we’re hosting librarians from around the country and talking about engaging with students.  TOTD are on stage looking at social networking, so we thought it would be a good moment to rehearse the places you can find us and why you might want to:


The Library’s Facebook page keep you up-to-date, offers links to help, and even answers enquiries.  If you’re on Facebook, try liking us!


Our Google+ stream is a way of keeping up with the Library happenings.    Use it for up-to-the minute news, to catch our mini-competitions, or even to ask enquiries.  Join our circles!


Collections of photos – some to do with the Library, some that are fun from around the web.  See what we’re up or see what we’re interested in!


The Library’s Twitter feed is a great way of keeping up with goings-on via Twitter.  Use it for up-to-the minute news, to catch our mini-competitions, or even to ask enquiries.  Follow us!


Introductory and ‘how to’ videos to give you a taste of the Library.

and of course the one you already know about!

Thing of the Day

This is a blog rounding up bizarre, interesting and sometimes even useful things we find on the internet.  Send in a contribution via



May 11, 2012

Artist Jon Rafman has been collecting screen captures of Google Street Views. Many of the images are remarkable and some just plain weird. They appear to be, as the artist states on his blog, “more truthful and more transparent” because of the unbiased manner in which they are recorded.

[Thanks to JS for this suggestion]


Escape the map

April 10, 2012

Actually a slick piece of advertising for a major manufacturer of motor cars, this remarkable immersive and interactive site takes its inspiration from Google Street View.


how google works

April 3, 2012
This is rather a useful graphic to help get your head around Google:


October 3, 2011

The new social network Google+ is now here and open to everyone. Having spent the last few months in limited testing, Google+ has now opened it’s doors to the world although the site remains in Beta.

Does the world need another social network? Only time will tell if Google+ can grow to rival the juggernaut that is Facebook. Still Facebook has announced major changes to its interface which is bound to alienate many of its users.

Initial impressions of Google+ are that it’s a nice clean interface that makes it easy to share info with only the people you really want to.

Duck Duck Go

July 22, 2011

And for those who’d just like a direct link to a search engine that does put you in a filter bubble (see yesterday), here’s Duck Duck Go:

Remember – this doesn’t adjust your results according to what it thinks you’re interested in.  And don’t forget that no search engine, not even Google, covers the whole internet so it’s always wise to have more than one in your toolkit.

A Google a Day

May 31, 2011

Here’s a daily quiz to test your Google search skills. It’s using something called Deja Google; a separate engine that searches the internet as it existed before the question was posed to prevent you from seeing someone’s posted answer.

Social media search engines

April 8, 2011

Library staff had an opportunity this week to hear a talk by Karen Blakeman from RBA Information Services at which she talked about some alternatives to Google. Among these were some search engines for social media. She recommended this presentation, which covers some of the best.

Driving simulator

March 11, 2011

TOTD regularly uses Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Earth and the excellent air photo imagery available via Bing’s bird’s-eye view. This site is perhaps only a driving simulator in the sense that you enter a start and end point and it navigates between the two. What’s more interesting, however, is the fact that it displays all four map/photo views on the same page and updates them simultaneously.