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Social Networking

December 4, 2012

Today we’re hosting librarians from around the country and talking about engaging with students.  TOTD are on stage looking at social networking, so we thought it would be a good moment to rehearse the places you can find us and why you might want to:


The Library’s Facebook page keep you up-to-date, offers links to help, and even answers enquiries.  If you’re on Facebook, try liking us!


Our Google+ stream is a way of keeping up with the Library happenings.    Use it for up-to-the minute news, to catch our mini-competitions, or even to ask enquiries.  Join our circles!


Collections of photos – some to do with the Library, some that are fun from around the web.  See what we’re up or see what we’re interested in!


The Library’s Twitter feed is a great way of keeping up with goings-on via Twitter.  Use it for up-to-the minute news, to catch our mini-competitions, or even to ask enquiries.  Follow us!


Introductory and ‘how to’ videos to give you a taste of the Library.

and of course the one you already know about!

Thing of the Day

This is a blog rounding up bizarre, interesting and sometimes even useful things we find on the internet.  Send in a contribution via



April 25, 2012

Klout is an American based company that provides social media analytics. Sounds a bit dull but what it means in practice is that they can tell you your influence on your social networks. Klout will analysis your influence and give you a score between 1 and 100 based on how influential you are. This is apparently based on ‘your ability to drive action’ – not sure what this means but we think it means getting people to engage with the content you create. Klout isn’t for everyone but if you’re using social networks to promote yourself or your business or you want to see what impact your views are having in the wider world then you may want to know what Klout you have!

Visualizing friendships

April 12, 2012

A recent survey of 20 cartographic experts from around the world flagged this up as one of their top ten most expertly designed maps. Plotting the link between a Facebook user’s location and that of their  friends reveals a remarkably detailed map of the world. Remember that all you are seeing here is great circle arc joining a sample of pairs of facebook friends. It’s best viwed by clicking the link to ‘View high-res’.


Facebook cover pages

March 28, 2012

You may be aware that Facebook is moving its users over to the new Timeline view and the University Library has already adopted the new look.  See what you think:

Well done to E for putting together some great content from our archives and P for writing text.

Musings About Librarianship has taken a look at what libraries are using for their Facebook cover page and we were delighted to see we featured:

What’s more, seen in comparison like that, we think ours holds up well.  Let us know what you think.


October 3, 2011

The new social network Google+ is now here and open to everyone. Having spent the last few months in limited testing, Google+ has now opened it’s doors to the world although the site remains in Beta.

Does the world need another social network? Only time will tell if Google+ can grow to rival the juggernaut that is Facebook. Still Facebook has announced major changes to its interface which is bound to alienate many of its users.

Initial impressions of Google+ are that it’s a nice clean interface that makes it easy to share info with only the people you really want to.

Museum of Me

September 8, 2011

TOTD loves Intel’s Museum of Me. It connects with your Facebook page to create a three minute animation of you social life displayed as a Museum display. It uses all the visual content from you Facebook page such as photos, video’s and profile pics and what it creates is really visually stunning. Give it a try and prepare to be impressed!

Social media search engines

April 8, 2011

Library staff had an opportunity this week to hear a talk by Karen Blakeman from RBA Information Services at which she talked about some alternatives to Google. Among these were some search engines for social media. She recommended this presentation, which covers some of the best.

more infographics

March 30, 2011

After last Thursday’s Twitter and Facebook infographics, TOTD has been on the hunt for data relating to Twitter age usage and found these rather delightful examples of visual presentations of information:

both of which are pointed to by this: which has its own graphic as well.

Twitter and Facebook infographics

March 24, 2011

TOTD was recently involved with a ‘Cafe Scientifique’ on the subject of communication via social networking services.

For the session we created these infographics which may be of interest.

infographic with March 2011 statistics on Facebook

Infographic with March 2011 statistics on Facebook

infographic with March 2011 statistics on Twitter

Infographic with March 2011 statistics on Twitter

Starting University this Year?

August 25, 2010

Thing of the Day would like to congratulate everyone who got their A-Level results last week. You should all be proud of your fantastic achievements! For those of you who are planning to come to University, here are some handy hints from the Guardian to help you:

Those who are coming to the University of Portsmouth that are on Facebook can also get ahead with Library news by joining our page: