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Brains: The Mind as Matter

April 17, 2012

The University of Portsmouth is involved in this exhibition at the Wellcome Trust about the human brain:



Out of this World

June 10, 2011

At the British Library in London there is an exhibition about the role science fiction has played in influencing scientific thought and discovery:

Book of the Dead Game

February 16, 2011

Here is a game from the British Museum website to go with their very interesting Book of the Dead exhibition:

Magnificent Maps

April 29, 2010

Maps have been receiving a lot of air time recently on both television and radio. The Telegraph even carried the headline “Maps – the new rock ‘n’ roll” in a feature about the current map season on BBC4. Tomorrow sees the opening of a new exhibition at the British Library, Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art, which runs until September. The accompanying web site, with illustrations and video descriptions from the curators, is excellent.

Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler

January 13, 2010

Hello Everyone. You may be thinking that things have been going a bit cold on Thing of the Day. This is not the case, however. We are still here so chill out and see our offerings for this week! We’ve sorry about the delay in postings – I would say we’ve been snowed under but that’s a pun too far!

Here’s something to take your mind off the cold. As you may have noticed from various newspapers, the British Museum have an exhibition centred around the life of Moctezuma, the last of the Aztec Rulers, featuring artefacts from Mexico tracing the story from a most remarkable civilisation:

This is the latest in a series of exhibitions called ‘Great Rulers’. Other subjects were Qin Shihuangdi, the First Emperor of China, Roman Empe


November 6, 2008

TOTD went to an exhibition in our Eldon building today.  Well worth checking out if you’re local.

If not, check out just one of things decorating the wall – a map which looked like an normal Ordnance Survey map but turned out to be a ‘map’ of a thesaurus entry.  Fascinating for word lovers and map enthusiasts alike.

You can see a description and an electronic version of the map here:

and might want to check out the site more generally: