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Smell of Books

July 17, 2009

Last month, Library staff attended their annual summer training event which was on the theme of e-learning. We had a very interesting time exploring and learning about a variety of e-learning sites. Well here’s a great idea for those of you who avoid e-books because they just don’t smell right.

[Thanks to L for this suggestion]


June 23, 2009

Last week we had a training day at the library where we learned about and tried out various e-learning websites and facilities. Here are a few we looked at:

GCSE Bitesize ( is a very useful site for exam revision with key points, videos and tests.

Intute ( is a search facility where anyone can easily search for web resources and sites. Another good thing about it is it’s free!

Open Learning ( is an initiative from the Open University where users can use some of their course materials free of charge.

The day was very successful and interesting in how the Internet can be used in education at various levels.

Rich Pictures

November 29, 2007

Not quite mindmaps, but an attractive way of presenting information, rich pictures are described as helping to identify players in a process as a start to high level analysis.

The second ‘rich picture’ on the page is one presented by Gilly Salmon at a recent lunchtime workshop on ‘Learning Futures’ which seemed to capture people’s imaginations at both the content level and the ‘art’ level.