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Insane Drumming

March 12, 2013

We’ve posted drum things here before, but this we’ve not seen and caught our attention:

Insane moments indeed!


Drum magazine

July 20, 2011

This is going to be of limited interest perhaps, but for those who do care it’s a stunning free resource.  A new online drumming magazine called iDrum Maganzine:

read it here:

Thanks to D for finding this.

World Creativity Week

April 21, 2010
Still time, just to celebrate this week: although TOTD would argue that you don’t need a special week to be creative – get out and there and just do it! Of course, the choice of this site has *nothing* to do with the fact there’s a drummer on the frontpage – but secretly we’re delighted that’s an image they think is appropriate. If you’ve done something particularly creative this week, email us at and tell us about it.  Or just comment on this entry.


November 25, 2009

And after yesterday’s video on sound, this one on ‘listening’ shows both some stunning skill and reminds us that we’re probably not even beginners at listening:

(it’s a longer video but worth the time)

Drumming world record

July 15, 2009

582 drummers, complete with drum kits, gathered at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena yesterday in an attempt to break the record for the most drummers grooving to the same beat at the same time, and raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The drumming achievement is impressive in itself, but TOTD can’t help marvelling at the logistics of assembling 582 drum kits in one building. You can view some video of the event here:

Virtual drumming

April 24, 2009

Continuing yesterday’s music theme, the budding John Bonhams and Steve Gadds among you may have some fun with this virtual drum kit.

You can even produce your own patterns using the sequencer function, although the ability of the metronome to keep steady time leaves something to be desired.