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pop-up Lego book

December 3, 2012

If you thought yesterday’s skittle sorting machine was clever, this is a work of pure genius:

(Our thanks to Roo for both these items)

City Symphonies

July 3, 2012

TOTD likes this front page to the Royal College of Art’s Design Interaction Show 2012.

Click on Mark McKeague to view City Symphonies. The designer has considered the synthesised sounds produced by electric cars and exlores an alternative approach in which the “sound that the cars generate changes according to its relationship to other road users and the environment”.

Parking garage designs

May 10, 2012

Here are some really striking car park designs from around the world.

TOTD is particularly struck by the Autostadt CarTower in Germany because of its similarity to a futuristic car park that featured in the Thunderbirds episode “Move and You’re Dead”, originally shown in 1966. You can see the Thunderbirds verion at 6:10 into this clip

[Thanks to FS for this suggestion]




Visualizing friendships

April 12, 2012

A recent survey of 20 cartographic experts from around the world flagged this up as one of their top ten most expertly designed maps. Plotting the link between a Facebook user’s location and that of their  friends reveals a remarkably detailed map of the world. Remember that all you are seeing here is great circle arc joining a sample of pairs of facebook friends. It’s best viwed by clicking the link to ‘View high-res’.


Advice to Sink in Slowly

January 27, 2012

Advice to Sink in Slowly is a great project that showcases graduate designed posters for the purpose of passing on advice to first year students. These posters offer some great words of wisdom that all freshers will find useful and the posters are both quirky and beautifully designed. Advice such as ‘Use your library… You’ll miss it when you leave” and “Debt is not your friend” will certainly make your time at university a lot easier!

First year students can also take advantage of their free poster offer!


September 19, 2011

Electricity tranmission pylons have been a prominent feature of our landscape for decades, so TOTD was intrigued to hear that there are six shortlisted entries in a competition to re-think the familiar steel lattice design. Do you have a favourite?



June 29, 2011

On the one hand, TOTD hates the wasteful and unnecessarily generous packaging of some products. On the other, it’s hard not to admire some elements of packaging design. TOTD thinks it is wise to hang on to a product’s box while it is still under guarantee but, many years on, finds it hard to throw away the beautifully designed packaging for Apple products, for example. Rather than spending tons of money on expensive toys, satisfy your desire to see shiny things being removed from boxes at this site.

Showtime 2011

June 10, 2011

It’s that time again at the University when the School of Art, Design and Media and the School of Creative Technologies have their annual show. Work is desplayed from various courses such as Photography, 3D Design, Animation, Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design to name but a few:,132561,en.html

Cut Maps

May 30, 2011

Our Map Library regularly gives away redundant maps for use by art and design students who have put them to a variety of imaginative uses, including clothes design. The American artist Nikki Rosato has done some amazing work by intricately cutting out all the space between the roads on a map to produce a fine paper lattice, which is then shaped into a human figure.

Dominic Wilcox

May 4, 2011

TOTD recently read about the designer Dominic Wilcox who, faced with the problem of using his touchphone in the bath, came up with the nose stylus. There are some other great ideas on his website, including 24ct gold leaf skimming stones, for wealthy folk who enjoy playing ducks and drakes, and rust and scratch stickers that you can apply to your car or bike to make it look less attractive to thieves.