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University of Portsmouth art collection

December 10, 2011

The BBC recently featured three of the paintings we have here in the Library:

Why not come and visit and view the many others that decorate the walls.  There’s a handout on the subject at the reception desk if you want a short guide.



April 16, 2009

Not very far from TOTD’s real world home comes this ‘must visit’ extension:–does-poor-wife-cope.html

Ministry of Books

November 11, 2008

Also from the exhibition attended last week:

and there’s even a ‘maze’.

Collective nouns

November 28, 2007

Many of us are keen on collecting things – no more so than those who collect collective nouns.  Those words for groups of things – like a parliament of owls.

Here are just a few:

and so on.  Of course, it doesn’t take long to spot that different lists sometimes include different words.  Sometimes it depends whether they’ve been ‘suggested’ or actually found in a dictionary (though even the latter can vary).

Thanks to the Science Librarian for this.  Who presumably now needs a collective noun for lists of collective nouns.