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Story Book England

January 10, 2011

This nice site was produced by the team at Enjoy England and features an interactive map that allows you to explore some of the places associated with works of children’s fiction. You can locate books by title or author and it comes with a downloadable teacher’s pack.


June 22, 2010

Continuing the story-telling theme, here’s a site that publishes original stories for children. Each story has a video showing the story being read by a child.


May 24, 2010

MISSION:EXPLORE is a book created by The Geography Collective that is full of exciting adventures designed to encourage young people to get out and about and explore the social and physical environment around them.

This video demonstrates just how literally you can interpret the concept of a book launch.

You can visit the MISSION:EXPLORE site here

World Orphan Week

February 10, 2010

This week is World Orphan Week, a week all about helping children with no families who need help. Here is the website to for more information should you wish to help or donate to the cause:

Is It Christmas Yet?

December 7, 2009

For those living on the Continent, yesterday was Sinterklaas, or the Feast Day of St. Nicholas. In some countries it is traditional for children to leave their shoes out so Sinterklaas can put sweets in them… or twigs if they misbehave! (I have it on good authority that some children like to return the favour by leaving their Christmas lists in their parent’s shoes).

It’s at times like this, when the preparation for the Big Day is in full swing for children to get impatient and ask if it’s Christmas. If you find that happening to you, show them this website:

Have a check on Christmas Day too.

Thanks to CL for suggesting.


November 20, 2009

Possibly the weirdest website you’ll see this month.

But think about trying to design web pages for those who can’t read your instructions.  Consider how ‘sticky’ this site is and how much it draws you in to explore one more thing.

Pib & Pog

February 13, 2009

As it’s Friday, lets end the week with something light-hearted. Pib and Pog is a witty pastiche of classic children’s programmes. Created by Aardman Animations, the people who bought us Wallace and Gromit, Pib and Pog bring a whole new meaning to mischief as their pranks become ever more outrageous.

Just the thing to send us giggling into the weekend.

Telling tales

January 27, 2009

You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy this wonderful new collection of real life parenting yarns.

You’ll need to use a browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 to enjoy this fully.

Struggling to keep the kids amused?

August 13, 2008

The school holidays are here but it’s not always easy to find things to keep your little ones occupied.

Print Station Disney may help you keep them amused, for a few hours at least.


This is a site where you can print all sorts of stuff for your small ones to enjoy off-line and it is all provided free by Disney.

As you would expect, the printables feature popular Disney characters and range from activity sheets full of puzzles and colouring-in templates, to masks and photo frames and even mobiles and door hangers.