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Searching for a research blog

November 14, 2011

One for the PhD researchers who might be looking for likeminded bloggers:

Tell us if this is useful or you find any useful blogs!

The Huffington Post UK Edition

July 13, 2011

The Huffington Post’s UK edition makes it much anticipated launch this week. For those who have not encountered the Huffington Post before it is an Amercian blog that offers coverage of politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news, and comedy, and has news, blogs, and original content. In America the blog has over 9,000 contributors from politicians and celebrities to academics and policy experts—who contribute in real time on a wide range of topics.

It will be interesting to see how the UK takes to a very American way of presenting the news but first impressions suggest some interesting analysis and insightful articles that can take you beyond the headlines, what’s more it’s free!


World Creativity Week

April 21, 2010
Still time, just to celebrate this week: although TOTD would argue that you don’t need a special week to be creative – get out and there and just do it! Of course, the choice of this site has *nothing* to do with the fact there’s a drummer on the frontpage – but secretly we’re delighted that’s an image they think is appropriate. If you’ve done something particularly creative this week, email us at and tell us about it.  Or just comment on this entry.


March 26, 2010

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your time at University and are able to make the most of your studies and social life, but of course eventually it comes to an end and it’s time for work.

Here’s a blog that’s particularly of interest to those who might be thinking of setting up a small business when they graduate – indeed the blog is currently interested in ‘student entrepreneurship’ and looking for students who’ve set up a business while studying:

You may be able to get yourself featured on the blog and promote your own success story!

Happy 500!

August 17, 2009

Thing of the Day has now reached 500 posts (we think) and have got a special treat for you today. The Guardian had a story the other day about another library blog showing books that very rarely get borrowed, if at all:

If we get a spare moment it’ll be interesting to see if any of those books are on our shelves…

Thing of the Day would like to thank you for your support over the last 500 posts and look forward to finding even more interesting stuff on the virtual highway!

Looking for New Ways to Earn?

March 16, 2009

Struggling on student income?

Facing mounting debt?

Want to be the next Sir Alan Sugar?

This new blog is endeavouring to cover non-standard income opportunities which may be of use – particularly those looking for work outside of the regular 9-5, Monday – Friday pattern.

Tell the author if you know of other opportunities which could be included in the blog, but Thing of the Day would be really interested to hear from anyone who does make money from any of these schemes.

Credit where it’s due…

June 5, 2008

… this week’s postings have come from:

in case you want to check out the source.

oh, and while…

January 10, 2008

… TOTD is still highlighted in red as a “new” thing.  Now would be a good moment to include the University of Portsmouth Library’s homepage:

Note under the tab ‘Library News’ there’s also a new link to ‘Blogs’ over on the left hand side which is the early stages of a plan to collect up blogs by students and staff, either work or personal.  Whatever.  Contribute any you know about or write yourself!