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At the White House

April 5, 2012

Having recently had occasion to refer to Nichelle Nichols in a couple of presentations, it’s a great delight to see this photo:

She’s still looking great and making friends with someone we didn’t realize was a Vulcan…

National Information Literacy Awareness Month

October 9, 2009

Barack Obama has declared October 2009 to be National Information Literacy Awareness Month. You can read his press release here:

Obama speech

February 19, 2009

As we seem to be doing ‘old news’ this week, you might be interested in this speech:

from Barack Obama well before he became President.

Of course, no prizes for spotting why we here in the Library like it but it’s a pretty good example of speech writing and stirring up an audience.

Legobama… America’s Finest Immortalised in… Lego!

January 31, 2009

It seems that you can make absolutely anything out of Lego – as this picture of Barack Obama demonstrates…

However, if you’re more interested in things made out of lego than you are in people made out of the stuff, take a look at these other works of art…

McCain-Obama Dance-Off

November 27, 2008

The US presidential election may be over, and this is old news for those who keep up with the latest viral video offerings but, if you haven’t seen it before, this remarkable piece of video editing is quite hilarious.

viral advertising

November 7, 2008

Thanks to the contributor who sent these in these examples of viral marketing which she says “certainly seem more engaging than UK party politicals!”