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Queen Victoria’s Journals

May 30, 2012

The Royal Archives, Bodleian Libraries and Proquest have teamed up to make Queen Victoria’s Journals free accessibly online for the first time. It seems appropriate in the Diamond Jubilee year of our own Queen that these wonderful documents are being made available especially as Queen Victoria was the first monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. 13 volumes of her journals survive and cover the period from Queen Victoria’s childhood days to her Accession to the Throne, marriage to Prince Albert, and later, her Golden and Diamond Jubilees. These amazing journals can be read in Queen Victoria’s own hand or through transcripts bring to life this historic archive giving us new insights and understanding of the past.

You can explore them for yourself here


First World War Digital Poetry Archive

April 30, 2009

Based at Oxford University and funded by the JISC, this digital archive is a collection of poetry, prose and other writings by soldiers and people who lived during the First World War. This archive is available to the public and is invaluable to teachers, students or those with an interest in the First World War.