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Persian rug patterns using Google Maps

May 30, 2013

Aerial photo images extracted from Google Maps have been pieced together to form images that look like complex Persian rug patterns.


Britain from Above

July 2, 2012

Britain from Above is a project aimed at conserving photographs dating from 1919 to 1953 that form the Aerofilms collection.  The site is searchable or you can browse using a map of Great Britain. There is also an opportunity to try to identify images whose locations are not recorded.

The BBC has a nice video about the collection.

Britain from the Air

October 13, 2010

Air photography is a hugely important technique used for a diverse range of applications, from cartography to surveillance. It can be very beautiful too, as shown by this wonderful audio slide show from the BBC.

The images come from an exhibition that takes place in Bath City Centre until the end of February 2011. Here visitors can also enjoy a giant walk on map of Britain.