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July 20, 2012

Only 1 week to go to the start of the London 2012 Olympics. If you are starting to feel the Olympic fever then why not check out the Olympic Record from the National Archives. It contains hundreds of historic photos and documents relating to the Games which are held in the National Archives. These have been made available online for the first time in a beautifully designed website full of fascinating things to discover.


Camp in my Garden

July 17, 2012

Although the weather isn’t ideal for camping at the moment if the sun does ever come out then how about camping in someone’s garden! Now we’re not suggesting you just pitch up in a random garden instead check out the Camp in my Garden website.

On this site people advertise their gardens as campsites, often at very resonable rates, and detail the types of facilities on offer. Sites aren’t just limited to UK with gardens all over the world on offer. These are people’s gardens so facilities do vary but if you are looking for a unique campign experience this may be the site for you!



June 22, 2012

This is a site for those of you who use instagram on you smart devices. Statigram provides detailed statistics on your instagram gallery from who your followers are to the best time of the day to post for maximum likes. It is also a great web browser for instagram allowing you to view instagram content on your computer and like and post comments.

So if you want to increase your followers and maximise your likes then this is great site. Just love looking at beautiful images? Then this is also the site for you!


June 20, 2012

If you like numbers then this is the place for you. Numberphile brings together Maths experts from around the UK to create entertaining and informative videos about all things numerical. You can check out the site for yourself here


History Pin – Diamond Jubilee

June 18, 2012

History Pin is a great site that allows you to upload old photos and pin them to real world locations. We’ve featured it before on TOTD ( but now they have a dedicated Diamond Jubliee section which allows you explore images of the events surrounding the jubilee. History Pin also want you to contribute your jubilee memories to their interactive map so that they can create a rich archive of the jubilee celebrations.

You can view History Pin’s Diamond Jubliee site here

John Peel’s Record Collection

May 31, 2012

The late John Peel was a respected DJ and was known for his vast collection of vinyl records. You can now explore his record collection here

The website is beautifully designed and makes it a joy to get lost browsing through the record sleeves. You’ll certainly find many bands that you’ve never heard of!

Queen Victoria’s Journals

May 30, 2012

The Royal Archives, Bodleian Libraries and Proquest have teamed up to make Queen Victoria’s Journals free accessibly online for the first time. It seems appropriate in the Diamond Jubilee year of our own Queen that these wonderful documents are being made available especially as Queen Victoria was the first monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. 13 volumes of her journals survive and cover the period from Queen Victoria’s childhood days to her Accession to the Throne, marriage to Prince Albert, and later, her Golden and Diamond Jubilees. These amazing journals can be read in Queen Victoria’s own hand or through transcripts bring to life this historic archive giving us new insights and understanding of the past.

You can explore them for yourself here

War Horse

April 26, 2012

TOTD is very excited to be going to see the National Theatre production of War Horse this evening. Based on the book by Michael Morpurgo, this production uses the most amazing puppets created by  Handspring Puppet Company.

To see how amazingly lifelike the horse puppets are check out this video

and find how they created the remarkable puppets here

and more about the production here



April 25, 2012

Klout is an American based company that provides social media analytics. Sounds a bit dull but what it means in practice is that they can tell you your influence on your social networks. Klout will analysis your influence and give you a score between 1 and 100 based on how influential you are. This is apparently based on ‘your ability to drive action’ – not sure what this means but we think it means getting people to engage with the content you create. Klout isn’t for everyone but if you’re using social networks to promote yourself or your business or you want to see what impact your views are having in the wider world then you may want to know what Klout you have!


April 24, 2012

Today TOTD is recommending an app. Flipboard is one of those apps that your iPad/iPhone/iPod just shouldn’t be without. Described as a ‘social magazine’ Flipboard allows you to create your own magazine full of the things that you like to read. It’s ultra customisable allowing you to select what fills your Flipboard. Whether it’s niche blog or content from magazines like Empire, NME and Lonely Planet. Get feeds from news organization from around the world tailoring your content to what interests you. You can also flip through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds all in one handy place.

All this wonderful content is wrapped up in a beautiful, intuitive interface which is a joy to use. Here at TOTD we particularly like looking through the beautiful photographs from fotopedia magazine.

The icing on the cake – it’s free!

available to download from the iTunes app store for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch