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Tesla Day

July 10, 2012

Today is the birthday of Serbian-American inventor, scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla. His inventions and innovations have inspired much work in the history of science fiction, particularly steampunk. Here is some more information:


Move Your Money

July 9, 2012

Are you fed up with the continuing economic problems? Do you want your money to be put to better use? Then have a look at this:

This is an organisation that gives advice on how to invest your money in more ethical causes. See what you think.

World Blood Donor Day

June 14, 2012

Today the World Health Organisation is celebrating World Blood Donor Day to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood to help those in need of a transfusion:

And here is the UK Blood Service site:

Historical Novel Society

June 13, 2012

Do you enjoy historical fiction? Have you read a brilliant book and want to read similar things in that genre? Have you written one youself and want to get it out there? The Historical Novel Society’s website has a range of articles and review that you may find interesting:

The Queen: Art and Image

June 12, 2012

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the National Portrait Gallery is displaying different portraits of the Queen throughout her reign in a new exhibition:

Legendary Laws

May 17, 2012

Is it really wrong to eat mince pies on Christmas day? Can you nip into anyone’s toilet if you’re caught short in Scotland? Will dying in Parliament get you a criminal record? Have a look at these to see if any of them are true:

National Flash Fiction Day

May 16, 2012

Today is National Flash Fiction Day. Also known as Microfiction, this form of creative writing involves composing very short stories of no more than 750 words or so:


Shakespeare’s Restless World

May 15, 2012

This spring, to herald in the British Museum’s latest Blockbuster Exhibition, BBC Radio 4 have a series of programmes about Shakespeare’s world and have made earlier broadcasts available too:

Book Buying Live!

May 14, 2012

Want to know who is buying what books where right this minute? Well have a look at this from the Book Depository to see what their customers are snapping up all over the world:

National Flash Fiction Day

April 19, 2012

Next month will see a celebration of flash fiction. Also known as microfiction, these are very short stories, usually no longer than 750 words.