Write your own Doctor Who plot


Happy New Year!

Plans are afoot for a slightly new direction for this blog (at another address), but we’ve not given up completely.

We think this may have done the rounds, so our apologies if it’s old hat.  But just in case…


(and our thanks to RR for bringing this to our attention – congrats on the new little one!)

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2 Responses to “Write your own Doctor Who plot”

  1. Emma(@Emmadw) Says:

    Are you still round, or has the tardis taken you to another universe at present?

    • reden Says:

      No, just back from another universe… (keep an eye on this: http://www.freelancetraveller.com/magazine/index.html when it changes to the August issue which at a guess should be any moment now or certainly in the next day or two), I’ve contributed more than they could actually put in one issue!

      Here today and next Monday/Tuesday, then off for a few days with French rellies to Bicester and Centre Parcs.

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