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Olympic Archive

July 20, 2012

Only 1 week to go to the start of the London 2012 Olympics. If you are starting to feel the Olympic fever then why not check out the Olympic Record from the National Archives. It contains hundreds of historic photos and documents relating to the Games which are held in the National Archives. These have been made available online for the first time in a beautifully designed website full of fascinating things to discover.

Camp in my Garden

July 17, 2012

Although the weather isn’t ideal for camping at the moment if the sun does ever come out then how about camping in someone’s garden! Now we’re not suggesting you just pitch up in a random garden instead check out the Camp in my Garden website.

On this site people advertise their gardens as campsites, often at very resonable rates, and detail the types of facilities on offer. Sites aren’t just limited to UK with gardens all over the world on offer. These are people’s gardens so facilities do vary but if you are looking for a unique campign experience this may be the site for you!


Tesla Day

July 10, 2012

Today is the birthday of Serbian-American inventor, scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla. His inventions and innovations have inspired much work in the history of science fiction, particularly steampunk. Here is some more information:

Move Your Money

July 9, 2012

Are you fed up with the continuing economic problems? Do you want your money to be put to better use? Then have a look at this:

This is an organisation that gives advice on how to invest your money in more ethical causes. See what you think.

City Symphonies

July 3, 2012

TOTD likes this front page to the Royal College of Art’s Design Interaction Show 2012.

Click on Mark McKeague to view City Symphonies. The designer has considered the synthesised sounds produced by electric cars and exlores an alternative approach in which the “sound that the cars generate changes according to its relationship to other road users and the environment”.

Britain from Above

July 2, 2012

Britain from Above is a project aimed at conserving photographs dating from 1919 to 1953 that form the Aerofilms collection.  The site is searchable or you can browse using a map of Great Britain. There is also an opportunity to try to identify images whose locations are not recorded.

The BBC has a nice video about the collection.