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32 innovations

June 29, 2012

32 innovations that will change your tomorrow:

Some fascinating, some downright scary!

All 5 captains

June 28, 2012

Here’s something you don’t see every day:

all five Star Trek captains in the same place.  Eddies in the time-space continuum again…

Is 24/7 hour opening really good for you?

June 27, 2012

Now that our latest period of 24/7 opening is over, this gives pause for thought on whether it’s really a good idea:

As ever, let us know what you think…

Stuck for something to read on the train?

June 26, 2012

This might help:

although we note that you only get access to the first chapter of a book – but it might be enough to get you through the next ‘leaves on the line’ excuse for a delay!

airline meals

June 25, 2012

It’s advertising heavy, but just in case you wanted to find out how other travellers fare, try:


June 22, 2012

This is a site for those of you who use instagram on you smart devices. Statigram provides detailed statistics on your instagram gallery from who your followers are to the best time of the day to post for maximum likes. It is also a great web browser for instagram allowing you to view instagram content on your computer and like and post comments.

So if you want to increase your followers and maximise your likes then this is great site. Just love looking at beautiful images? Then this is also the site for you!


June 20, 2012

If you like numbers then this is the place for you. Numberphile brings together Maths experts from around the UK to create entertaining and informative videos about all things numerical. You can check out the site for yourself here


History Pin – Diamond Jubilee

June 18, 2012

History Pin is a great site that allows you to upload old photos and pin them to real world locations. We’ve featured it before on TOTD ( but now they have a dedicated Diamond Jubliee section which allows you explore images of the events surrounding the jubilee. History Pin also want you to contribute your jubilee memories to their interactive map so that they can create a rich archive of the jubilee celebrations.

You can view History Pin’s Diamond Jubliee site here

World Blood Donor Day

June 14, 2012

Today the World Health Organisation is celebrating World Blood Donor Day to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood to help those in need of a transfusion:

And here is the UK Blood Service site:

are your messages inducing stress?

June 13, 2012

In a TOTD extra, we’ve just heard about a University of Portsmouth app that tags your incoming messages before you read them to help you avoid stress:

Let us know whether you think this would help reduce stress or not!