Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that has, according to press reports, been attracting a great deal of interest and usage is growing.

In comparison to other similar sites, such as Delicious, the focus here is on bookmarking images. It’s worth having a look at Phil Bradley’s article which, apart from being a good guide to what Pinterest does, has a link to his Pinterest page that includes some nice library propaganda posters.

Beware though. Pinterest has also stirred debate about the possibility that pinning an image to your virtual pinboad may infringe someone else’s copyright. There’s an article about the copyright situation here.


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One Response to “Pinterest”

  1. Emma Says:

    Now, the comment I was going to leave yesterday … I’ve got a Pinterest a/c, though haven’t really got going with it yet; but looks like it could be one that could take off … maybe!

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