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February 29, 2012

As this year is a leap year, today we all have an extra day – but what are you doing with yours? is billed as the world’s biggest blogging project. It’s the brain child of David Mitchell a headteacher from the North West of England who wants to raise the profile of blogging to learners of all ages across the globe so that the power of a genuine audience can be experienced by as many people as possible.

This a stripped down version of blogging which allows you to submit a post with just one click. The site opened as soon as the first country time zone entered the 29th February. So get involved and get blogging!



Fotopedia Heritage App

February 28, 2012

Here on TOTD we have been bringing you the best of the web for a number of years. We will from now on also be bringing you the occassional app! Today’s app is fotopedia Heritage available for iphone and ipad for free from itunes.

This app brings you 30,000 stunning photos of  the world’s collective cultural and natural human legacy. Created in conjuction with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre this app will have you lost for hours in the truely remarkable photography as well as interesting stories and information.

The app is currently only available from itunes and is free

Snow Circles

February 27, 2012

A while ago on TOTD we featured the strange phenomenon that is crop circles. Today we bring you snow circles – stunning creations which are a little less enigmatic as we know who created them, Simon Beck.

Simon spends time trudging about in the snow to create these truly cool works of art. Check them out here

and see more examples on his facebook page


Prehistoric Man

February 24, 2012

Recently, Thing of the Day watched a very interesting film called Cave of Forgotten Dreams, directed by Werner Herzog, all about cave paintings in Southern France. Here is something from a recent BBC series, Walking with Cavemen that has a quiz to see how much you know about early mankind:

New Writing South

February 23, 2012

New Writing South is an initiative that aims to bring writers of all kinds together, whether they be novelists, playwrites, poets or scriptwriters. They also run courses and day events and have various meeting places, or ‘hubs’, including one in Portsmouth:

Rights for Interns

February 22, 2012

Internships have been in the news quite a bit lately as they are a popular way for students and graduates to gain work experience in their chosen field. However, it is important to know your rights if you are taking up an internship:

Also, here is a blog which might be of interest if you want to discuss your experiences:

Pancake Day

February 21, 2012

Get your eggs, flour, milk and lemons ready because today is Pancake Day! Also known as Shrove Tuesday, this festival marks the last day before Lent where people traditionally give something up until Easter.

Also, in Eastern Europe and many of the Former Soviet Union countries, Maslenitsa is observed. Here is more information plus a bliny recipe:


February 20, 2012

This month Portsmouth City Council are promoting Scamnesty, a campaign to make people aware of the various scams that take place through the post, e-mail, door-to-door, etc. There is a stall at the Library, too.

This isn’t f***ing Dalston!

February 17, 2012

Try not to be too alarmed by the title of this page, it’s actually a very good demonstration of how to visualise some simple survey data.

Click on the page to access Ewan Mills’ full dissertation that looks at people’s perceptions of where a neighbourhood begins and ends. Perhaps someone would like to have a go at a similar exercise for Portsmouth? Some of our neighbourhoods are relatively distinct, such as Old Portsmouth and Port Solent. But where does Southsea become Eastney, for example?


Quiet Mark

February 16, 2012

Library users know only too well how excessive noise can have a detrimental effect on our working environment. Also, during our daily lives we are surrounded by noise from traffic, neighbours, music players, industrial machinery and domestic appliances . Quiet Mark (a trading arm of the Noise Abatement Society) aims to redress this situation with an international mark of approval award programme that aims to encourage the development of noise reduction in everyday machines and appliances.