Earth Day and Google


Anyone using Google today will see that’s it’s Earth Day (more info by clicking on the Google logo).

TOTD has been looking at Google closely and some of the ‘extra’ features it offers.   Here’s some you may or may not know:

type ‘define:’ (without quotes) followed by a word you want to explore and Google will find a variety of dictionary definitions

type calculations into the search box to find solutions to maths problems

fed up of Google Books only find ‘partial views’?  Go to the Advanced Book Search and limit to just those books that have a full view.

University students can use Google Scholar preferences to find their own place of study and link their library’s databases to what Scholar finds in the way of academic articles.

Use Google’s Advanced search to find material which you can reuse under various creative commons licences without breaking copyright.

Use Google Reader to manage lots of blogs if you’re struggling to keep up (one tip is to sign up for interesting looking blogs that you don’t plan on reading – let many posts build up – then use the search feature to find specific items of interest; particularly useful if it’s a high volume blog).

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