Map of medicine


We love maps here at TOTD and exploring the NHS website lately (a site which is getting nifty enough to perhaps have its own TOTD entry one day), we discovered their ‘maps of medicine’.  Take, for example, asthma (the meningitis map is unavailable at present because its being updated – although the children’s one is there):

It has an intro to the infection as you might expect:

There are ‘expert views’ and ‘real stories’ for the various entries and information about medicine that might be subscribed or notes on lifestyle.  But there’s also this:

which gives you an idea of where in the ‘system’ you are and is apparently what the doctors are using when they need to work out ‘what’s next’ for a patient.

Their are warning about it only being used in a clinical setting and not by patients bypassing that – but it is helpful to know what’s on the cards as it were.  Indeed, the ‘map’ has its own web pages:


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