Lectures go ‘wild’


Fed up of not participating in lectures?  Want to comment on the lecturer’s slides?  Have a question?

The University of Hull is developing a system where you may be able to do just that:

More about the project here:


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3 Responses to “Lectures go ‘wild’”

  1. Enma Says:

    I’ve also thought about http://www.sapweb20.com/blog/powerpoint-twitter-tools/ – which lets you incorporate Twitter with Powerpoint. Of course, students would have to have twitter accounts – but at least I’d know they’d have a legitimate reason to be apparently texting during lectures 🙂

    • reden Says:

      Ooooh, might have to try that!

      I’ve thought about putting my phone number on screen throughout so students can text in questions – but I’ve not worked out how to deal with the incoming texts *while I talk*. (Maybe need to do shared lecturing or something).

      The only snag I can see with twitter to PowerPoint is that I’m often not using PowerPoint but a live web page but maybe I could shrink the screen a bit and have the top edge of a PowerPoint below with the twitter feed on that or something. Food for thought. Thank you.

  2. Emma Says:

    Or, as we’re just demonstrating Flock & Twitter in the side bar

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