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History in Portsmouth

November 30, 2009

The webmaster of this excellent site recently visited The University Library in search of large scale maps that would support the development of the 1860 (Old Portsmouth) Project. The aim of this programme is to accurately model Old Portsmouth as it was in 1860 using 3D  technology. The model is very well executed and each section is accompanied by fascinating facts and archive photographs. There is also much useful detail about people, events and places in Portsmouth.

How Old Are You?

November 29, 2009

How old are you? Twenty-one again? Some of us (ahem) have been twenty-one twice over, with a few years added on…

Would it sound any better if I told you that I am 16,544 days old? Or 22,823,360 minutes, perhaps? While I’m not sure that I feel any better, if you would like to see how old you are in days or minutes, click the link below:

And here’s a website that I DO like – it tells you how old you would be in days and years if you lived on any of the given planets in the Universe… If I lived on Mars for example, I would be a mere twenty-four years old – and if I lived on Jupiter I’d have just turned three! All I have to do now is get there. TARDIS, anyone?

Christmas Countdown…

November 28, 2009

Yes folks, it’s not long now… but don’t listen to me! Click on the link below to find out exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds you’ve got left.

And if that’s put you into a panic, fear not. The aptly named Santa’s Sleigh website gives you great gift ideas for children, for him, for her, for grandparents, and even for pets! So now you’ve got no excuse. Happy Shopping… I mean, Christmas.

innovative or awesome?

November 27, 2009

And continuing our theme of excellence this week, words almost fail at this (a non-video for a change!)

If any readers have created awesome projects like this, please let us know.

Juggling rhythm and motion

November 26, 2009

Moving away from yesterday’s listening but keeping with the rhythm, here is some more excellence on show:


November 25, 2009

And after yesterday’s video on sound, this one on ‘listening’ shows both some stunning skill and reminds us that we’re probably not even beginners at listening:

(it’s a longer video but worth the time)

4 ways sound affects us

November 24, 2009

Here’s an example of excellence in presentation, as well as interesting content:

(Thanks to joro for yesterday’s Thing and the above)

Excellence in all its forms

November 23, 2009

This must have taken some practice:


November 20, 2009

Possibly the weirdest website you’ll see this month.

But think about trying to design web pages for those who can’t read your instructions.  Consider how ‘sticky’ this site is and how much it draws you in to explore one more thing.


November 19, 2009

Does anyone remember the classic first person shooter Quake? You can now play against the world on an online version of the game. What’s more it’s free!

Once online your skills are assessed, you’re put through a training course then unleashed on the world with your trusty firearm.

The graphic’s may be retro but the gameplay makes this a classic – go on have a go, you’ll soon have your opponents quaking in their boots!!