Internet Resources Newsletter


A facinating compliation of new and notable websites, the Internet Resources Newsletter is a free monthly electronic newsletter, edited by Roddy MacLeod, Catherine Ure & Marion Kennedy and published by Heriot-Watt University. The newsletter aims to raise awareness of new sources of information on the Internet.

Each month the newsletter contains:- information and reviews of new and notable web sites; news items of interest; news of blogs, RSS, Twitter, etc.; book reviews, and more . . .

 The newsletter is available via the Internet and as a free email newsletter to subscribers. An RSS feed is also available.


Thanks to RW for this item.

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One Response to “Internet Resources Newsletter”

  1. Emma Says:

    That looks useful – thanks. (I see that the featured software this month is Mendeley – something I remember showing to some of the library staff when I discovered it a while ago. I think it’s getting out of beta now – though hope you can still run it from a USB stick. )

    By the way, I also find Freepint newsletter useful.

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