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reducing the cost of washers

October 31, 2009

Thanks to AJ for alerting us to this which made him (and us) laugh:

real time search

October 30, 2009

Could this be the future of searching the web?

Current search engines such as Google send spiders out to collect web pages and index them on thousands of servers across the planet.  When you search Google, you’re actually searching this index – which may not be as up-to-date as you want.

Now the likes of are attempting to search the web in real time.  Their ‘About’ page hints that they’re not attem

The Galileo Project

October 29, 2009

A source of information on Galileo for “all ages and levels of expertise”.  If you weren’t well up on the man, this site will change that:

Itinerant Poetry Librarian

October 28, 2009

The Itinerant Poetry Librarian (Sara Wingate Gray) operates a “non-static, special collections public library.  For free, for everyone, and for everywhere, or at least, everywhere we can get to.”

Check it out here:

Or follow the blog at:
Twitter at:

Or read an article about it on pages 14-15 of Panlibus, Autumn 2009 where the mobile library makes the cover.  Available for free at:

Face mask bras

October 27, 2009

Short of a face mask in an emergency?  Need to protect yourself against smoke or swine ‘flu?  Half the population may have a solution close to, urh, hand?

Not surprising Dr Elena Bodnar won a 2009 Ignoble prize for Public Health!

TED: Ideas worth spreading

October 26, 2009

This is an inspiring + intriguing website full of great ideas and thoughts that comes highly recommended:

Requires Flash Player 10 to run.

(The TED comes from Technology, Entertainment, Design)

[Thanks to GL for this submission]

Internet Resources Newsletter

October 23, 2009

A facinating compliation of new and notable websites, the Internet Resources Newsletter is a free monthly electronic newsletter, edited by Roddy MacLeod, Catherine Ure & Marion Kennedy and published by Heriot-Watt University. The newsletter aims to raise awareness of new sources of information on the Internet.

Each month the newsletter contains:- information and reviews of new and notable web sites; news items of interest; news of blogs, RSS, Twitter, etc.; book reviews, and more . . .

 The newsletter is available via the Internet and as a free email newsletter to subscribers. An RSS feed is also available.


Thanks to RW for this item.

Bemboo’s Zoo

October 22, 2009

Bemboo’s Zoo is a site populated with an A-Z of animals made from the letters and punctuation which make up their names. It’s great fun, not just for kids -grown ups too will laugh at the clever way the animals come to life from the jumbled up letters.

This is a joyous website, beautifully designed and bound to make you smile.

Is this a Grey Area?

October 21, 2009

Grey Area is an independent art gallery in Brighton, East Sussex. It specialises in experimental contemporary art events. It’s a great gallery in what used to be a dilapidated basement – which provides an interesting, idiosyncratic space. It exhibits a diverse selection of contemporary art forms meaning there is always something original to be viewed.

To find out more check out their blog which includes text, photographs and exhibit shots. View their previous exhibitions are see what’s coming up.

Learn to speak Māori

October 20, 2009

Te Whanake Animations is an excellent site if you too wish to learn Māori, the language spoken by the indigenous people of New Zealand.

This website contains 15 animated modules that will introduce you to different aspects of the Māori language.  You’ll meet some new friends in these movies, Te Hererīpene, Mīria, Eruera, Tarati, Wiremu and little Neihana. You are able to add the Māori text and the English translation to the movies so that you can understand and learn the new language you are hearing.

If you’d like to learn a little more about Māori culture then visit

hei konā rā

(thanks to RW for this suggestion)