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The National Archives

June 30, 2009

If Library staff are a bit thin on the ground today, it’s because some have gone on a summer visit to Kew:

and if that doesn’t grab you, perhaps this section will:

or if even that is too real, maybe:

When is a 20p worth more than 20p?

June 29, 2009

When the Royal Mint have made a mistake!

See link below and check your piggy banks.

Good luck!

[Thanks to A for submitting this]

Log Cabin Day

June 25, 2009

Today our friends across the pond in the United States will be commemorating Log Cabin Day. This day looks back to a time when many Americans, who were moving west, would build their homes using the woods nearby:


June 24, 2009

Midsummer, Summer Solstice, the Feast Day of St. John, call it what you will. Today marks the pagan festival of Midsummer where, over most of the Northern Hemisphere, bonfires shall be lit and maypoles shall be danced around. Here is a Wikipedia article about it:

And here’s something from the BBC Website:

Today is also the Ratha Yatra festival in Hinduism, commemorating Krishna’s return to his people after a long absence:


June 23, 2009

Last week we had a training day at the library where we learned about and tried out various e-learning websites and facilities. Here are a few we looked at:

GCSE Bitesize ( is a very useful site for exam revision with key points, videos and tests.

Intute ( is a search facility where anyone can easily search for web resources and sites. Another good thing about it is it’s free!

Open Learning ( is an initiative from the Open University where users can use some of their course materials free of charge.

The day was very successful and interesting in how the Internet can be used in education at various levels.


June 22, 2009

Yes it’s that time again where for two weeks we all get our tennis raquets¬†out, all the courts are fully booked and everyone suddenly remembers the rules of tennis and the history of the competition at Wimbledon. For all you readers who are tennis fans here is the official website of the Championships, the oldest tennis competition in the world:

You can look up statistics on players and matches, game schedules, photo galleries, book tickets and, of course, go shopping!

The BBC have also got a tennis game on their website so, should rain stop play, you’ve got something to keep you amused while you enjoy your Pimms and Strawberries while listening to Cliff Richard!

The Onion

June 19, 2009

And finally on this week’s theme we have The Onion, a site that received a Peabody Award for “providing ersatz news that has a worrisome ring of truth”.

RYT Hospital

June 18, 2009

Next in this week’s theme of spoof websites we have the RYT Hospital.


June 17, 2009

A theme is emerging this week of stories that are, frankly, so incredible that you might think they were made up. For example, the Bolierplate site provides an insight into a mechanical marvel of the nineteenth century.

Velcro crop

June 16, 2009

The history of Velcro began with a Swiss engineer’s discovery in a field back in 1941. The product has widespread industrial and consumer users. However, drought, disease and pests have threatened production of the crop in the past, as this 1993 paper explains.