Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day… and while some Mothers are at home being spoiled with chocolates and flowers, other Mothers find themselves at work, writing about Mother’s Day…

For those of you who are interested, here is the complete history of Mother’s Day, from BC to Modern Day Celebrations.


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3 Responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. oross Says:

    Hello. is the first and only Online Children Paintings and Drawings Albums. Giving a mother an online album of her child’s paintings instead of hanging the last 2 drawings on the refrigerator door, is a wonderful Mother’s Day present, and it’s FREE. Instead of buying costly presents, every mother will be amazingly happy to get such a present, and it only takes minutes to create. also provides a special Mother’s Day service of interpreting the children’s paintings, which I’m sure will greatly interest the readers.

    Happy Mother’s Day,
    Yafit Rossen, 🙂

  2. lucesitam Says:

    Mother’s day is very special and celebrated here in Mexico, and as such, this is one of my very favorite holidays! I can’t wait to see where the family takes me out to eat this year!!

  3. katiegoodman1 Says:

    This is for MOMS ONLY! Don’t watch this with your kids, but it’s hilarious!
    MILF by Katie Goodman

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