TOTD is discombobulated.

It maybe over a decade too late – certainly it can’t pass as ‘news’ any more, but apparently the Germans have thrown out their language.  Well, at least some of their spellings.  Makes the Library throwing out an old dictionary look positively trivial.

More worryingly having tried to learn some German in the past, this is the first time TOTD has happened across this bit of fairly useful information.  Time to unlearn some old knowledge and be reminded that once again, from Pluto being downgraded from a ‘planet’ to protons/neutrons not being as small as matter gets, that even ‘facts’ may not be ‘true’.

Looking on the brightside, wordlovers will be delighted to learn perhaps that formations with triple letters are quite feasible: Schlossstrasse (which the Swiss used in any case) and Schifffahrt for example.


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