World Toilet Day


Better late than never, World Toilet Day was celebrated on 19 November. To mark the day, Tearfund carried out a survey to reveal some interesting features of Britain’s toilet habits. TOTD notes that reading came top of the list, with 39 per cent of people claiming to read newspapers, magazines and books. You can read more toilet facts here:

Unfortunately TOTD has missed the deadline for the 2008 Loo of the Year Awards

which is promoted by the British Toilet Association

Speaking of relief,  we welcome today some new contributors to TOTD. They will provide welcome support for reden, who has done such a great job over the last year. So look out in future weeks for postings by mluvit, zance and puhua. Can you spot the connection?


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3 Responses to “World Toilet Day”

  1. Katie Says:

    Got the connection! Never knew why it was “reden” but now I do…

  2. reden Says:

    Glad you’ve sussed it! We need a fifth for the weekend contributor. ‘Tala’ is apparently taken on WordPress so the hunt continues…

  3. Linda Says:

    Think this article airs some key issues about provision

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