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November 28, 2008

Here’s something that should appeal to mechanical engineers and those with an interest in physics.

Try Constructor, which allows you to create models using a combination of fixed and free masses, springs and muscles.

It takes some practice, and you’ll probably need the basic instructions available at

Alternatively, you can always just play around with other people’s creations!

McCain-Obama Dance-Off

November 27, 2008

The US presidential election may be over, and this is old news for those who keep up with the latest viral video offerings but, if you haven’t seen it before, this remarkable piece of video editing is quite hilarious.

The Poppadom Tower Challenge

November 26, 2008

This week is National Curry Week (in tandem with National Eating-Out Week). Can you beat The Great Poppadom Challenge?


November 25, 2008

In a shameless act of self-publicity, this new contributor to TOTD draws your attention to the fact that he will be treading the boards this week in an amateur production of the play by P.G.Wodehouse and Ian Hay, “Leave it to Psmith” (like our Library’s red zone, the “P” is silent).

HATS, as this particular amdram society is known,  seems to have a growing number of members who hail from the University, including staff from Information Services, the Nursery, Chaplaincy, SSHLS and the Library.

Fans of “Plum” may also be interested in this competition to win the entire Wodehouse paperback collection, worth more than £350.

World Toilet Day

November 24, 2008

Better late than never, World Toilet Day was celebrated on 19 November. To mark the day, Tearfund carried out a survey to reveal some interesting features of Britain’s toilet habits. TOTD notes that reading came top of the list, with 39 per cent of people claiming to read newspapers, magazines and books. You can read more toilet facts here:

Unfortunately TOTD has missed the deadline for the 2008 Loo of the Year Awards

which is promoted by the British Toilet Association

Speaking of relief,  we welcome today some new contributors to TOTD. They will provide welcome support for reden, who has done such a great job over the last year. So look out in future weeks for postings by mluvit, zance and puhua. Can you spot the connection?

Sumsing Turbo mobile phone

November 21, 2008

A mobile phone that really does do everything:

(thanks to our ‘anonymous’ contributor for this!)

Strange maps again

November 20, 2008

We’ve visited this site before, but here’s another ‘strange map’ which is interesting:


November 19, 2008

Those helpful people over at Educause have produced a “7 things you should know about Zotero” which may help you with referencing web page material in your research:


November 18, 2008

Create your own album cover

November 17, 2008

Now you can have your own album – well, at least your own album cover.