Freshers’ Fayre


We just missed mentioning this last year as TOTD didn’t start until afterwards.  The Library was there with a (full size) Dalek keeping an eye on proceedings.

This year (today and tomorrow) the Library has a Cluedo (‘Clue’ for our American readers) themed presence outside the marquees just across the grass.  We’ve a crime scene complete with the chalk outline of a body, cones and police tape as there’s apparently been a murder in the Library.  Some of the Library staff have even been turned into suspect cards.  Answering 5 simple questions will provide you with a murderer, a time, place, weapon and motive.  You could win a Nintendo DS Lite (plus a brain training game).  Not to mention that you might learn a little about the Library.

For those who can’t visit us in person there will no doubt be photos on the Facebook page soon and in the meantime you can check out how the Students’ Union is selling the event:


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