Kennedy Approach


This may turn out to be the obscurest post on the blog ever, but here goes.

Yesterday, TOTD mentioned an old, old Commodore 64 game based on Air Traffic Control simulation, called ‘Kennedy Approach’ by Andy Hollis.  1985 vintage.

It’s been possible to play it on the PC via emulators but it’s never quite ideal having to load the emulator and then load the game – and that’s if the PC was happy to run it at all.

But it was worth bothering with.  The graphics were simple,  but perfectly suited to the game, the sound was ahead of its time and the gameplay was utterly engrossing.  At least for those with a secret desire to be air traffic controllers!

In the last year however, M. Franssen (take a bow!) has created a PC version which is very slick.  (And also fixes the one complaint the game produced – originally there was no way of saving your progress to higher levels).  It’s brilliant, brings back the game from all those years ago, and also reveals that there were others (few and far between it seems) who loved the game as well!


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